Ancestors and Ancestral Shrines
One mistake that most make when creating an ancestral shrine is by placing objects on it that their ancestors were highly invested in when they walked the earth. So you’ll find Bibles, Qurans, Torahs, Christian crosses, and so on.  Even some of the meals will include pig’s feet and whatever else they ate when they were here.  But you must ask yourself if some of those things you’re putting on your shrine are the reasons they are now ancestors.   If you had relatives die from diabetes, and you put candied yams, cornbread, and rice on the shrine, that would be offensive.  The same thing would be said for the orthodox religions they may have followed.  Some of the religions they practiced are the cause of their demise.

Your job as one who is continuing the work of your Egun, or ancestors, is to get them to next level.

Why would they want to be stagnated in the ancestral realm?  If you leave this planet and find yourself in the ancestral realm, that means you didn’t get back home.  Because the ancestral realm is not home.  What you can do is give strength and energy to your ancestors to get them to the next step.  That way they may not have to incarnate back on the earth.  Maybe they can go straight from the ancestral realm to back home.

How do we know that we can do this?  Look at the word Egun.  This is the Yoruba word for ancestors.  You have two words that you may hear.  They are Egun and Egungun.  Many people confuse Egungun.  They think that Egungun is the plural form of Egun. They may also say that the Egungun are the ancestors that exist outside of your bloodline.  Both are untrue.  The Egungun is a society.  The word Egun means bone.  Your blood is made inside of your bones.  So, if blood is made in our bones, then the significance of Ogun and Obatala’s place, and the significance of offering blood or Ase in the form of blood, or even the melanin that exists within the blood, when  we’re giving offerings and service to the energies that we work with should be understood.   Like the Christians say, “There’s power in the blood.”  Well, power is also Ase.  So, instead of say “there’s Ase in the blood”.  You also have life in the blood.  Your life and all of the lives of your Egun are in the blood.  All of the ancestral lifetimes are in the blood.

So how do we begin to pull from these ancestral lifetimes?  How do we begin to speak to these ancestral lifetimes?  To learn more, go to to learn more.