How Kintu and Nambi Brought Death to Earth

In this episode, we explore the Bugandan (Ugandan) story of Kintu, Guglu, Malumbe, Kaikuzi, and Nambi. This story teaches us a valuable lesson about how to properly love our ancestors and secure their place in the next world.
Making sure our love last forever is possible when we become children of “Kintu”

Take Away:

  • Regret breeds remorse
  • Remorse causes us to lose the force of our own life
  • We come to this world partnered with our help, and even “twin flame”
  • Uganda is the origin point of Nile Valley civilization
  • When a person’s transitions, light and water are the most important elements to offer
  • Question your Elders as to where they believe they will go when they die

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