Who is the most powerful Orisha?

This question of the most powerful orisha has come across my mat many times over the years.

This question was recently posted under a YouTube video for Ogun that we posted some time ago.
In true Internet fashion, MANY more people have took the liberty of commenting under videos, podcast, and social media post correcting us as to who the most powerful Orisha is in their estimation and experience.
Here, we get into this topic and provide the actual answer to this question.
Power is truly a relative idea based on the relationships that we hold with forces around us.
In this session we take a look at the concept of “power” and how it relates to our ability to design the experiences around us with true intention.

Take away points:

  • Our ability to see beyond just a few connecting points determines how much we become aware of the power of any particular Orisha.
  • The degree that we are able to yield power is based on our level of awareness and knowledge of the faculty we are empowering.
  • Power is the ability to control the faculties that exist and form in our world reality.
  • No Orisha is more powerful than the other.


Ogun Show Mentioned – https://youtu.be/SUyRLRKNG5s