In this session, we explore the energy of Oduduwa and how it relates to beauty and character.
When working to develop a more frequent rate of success in life, people can mistakenly chase the objects and markers of success without cultivating that success inside of their internal community. The Orisha that we approach is truly designed for the purposes of helping us come into our best state of being, more than our most desired state of doing. When we seek to obtain more than achieve, we lose sight of the best part of our existence and what the Yoruba “Wa” is graciously teaching us.

Chief Yuya digs into these concepts and so much more.

Take Away:
Character begets Beauty
In order to manifest the beauty that we are originally divine with, and by we must drive at the fullness of our own character.
The character is cultivated through right though and consequently right words.

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Mind, Heart, and Words

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