Esu is commonly spelled, Eshu.  Esu is also Elegba in other spiritual systems.  He is the owner of the crossroads.  He is primarily the energy of segregation.  That’s not to say that he does not have other purposes.  He is also over dexterity, wit, intellect, and chaos.  Esu is the emissary and the gateway, what we call the “Onibode”.  Onibode is the gateway or the gatekeeper to the higher realms going to the other orisha or the other energies we want to get to.

Esu lives within the root chakra. The root chakra is the red chakra view it. No matter where you want to go on the chakra ladder going up the spine, you have to start with the root.  You always start from the base.  The root chakra grounds us.

Esu is also the holder of aśe.  This energy presides over our nervous system.  We process aśe through our nervous system.  If you look at a chart of the nervous system, it looks like a roadway.  Esu is also the owner of the road.  But that nervous system needs someone to regulate the amount of energy or power that goes through it or it can overload.  So, Esu distributes the amount of aśe that we are able to hold in the moment.

Also as the energy of segregation, Esu ensures that we make certain choices.  To either lead us to the gateway of full deityship, or to keep us earthbound.  So, a lot of times you’ll hear that Esu is a trickster.  Oftentimes when we perceive the trickster energy as it is tricking us to destroy us, but that’s not really true.  Esu makes sure that whatever decision you make, that you really want to make them.  Esu gives you the gift and fortune of temptation.  Temptation is one of those things that we look at as problematic.  But the wonderful thing about temptation is that, it allows us to experience something without having the karmic responsibility of actually going through with it.  When we’re tempted to do certain things, the reason why it’s a temptation and not a draw to actually do it is because a part of you that says you want to do it, and another part that says well this will be the consequence of doing it.  So that’s why we call it a temptation.  I’m tempted and I won’t, or I’m tempted and I will.  Because I’ve seen what the outcome will be.  This is a gift from your soul.  Some lessons you will get through pain.  Some lessons you will get through love.  Some lessons you will get through wisdom.  Temptation is an opportunity to receive a gift through wisdom.  This is one of the things that Esu does.  He tempts you with something and then gives you a moment to think of the outcome of that action.  This is one of the gifts of Esu.