Orisha Initiation
You’ve discovered the magic and power of African spirituality, and now you want to be initiated into it’s mysteries.  But what is initiation?

Initiation is a spiritual process.  You go through a spiritual initiation. You cannot go through a bodily exercise in order to initiate into a spiritual reality.  You have to use spiritual exercises to initiate into a spiritual reality.

For example.  Anyone can take yoga classes.  Anyone can stretch.  But does that mean that they are now initiated into the mysteries of the yogi?  No.  It just means that their body is more prepared to initiate into the mysteries of the yogi if that is the path that they have chosen.

When consecrations are done it opens a person’s awareness up and it covers them with a certain vibration. A consecration would be like an adoption.   So now when they want to do the work to become an initiate, it’s much easier.  But it is not an initiation.

So what is an initiation? An initiation is like a marriage.  No one can sell you a marriage.  You can be adopted into a House and have the strength, power, and wisdom of that house’s spiritual guides and servants shared with you.  You can be consecrated into that.  But an initiation requires a deeper, silent, and more subtle contract.  The ceremony of an initiation can be sold, but not the marriage.  The ceremony is done after you’ve made the connection and agreement with a willing partner.  So, you find a partner that wants to work with you and you make a contractual agreement that we will be married.  In most instances you marry. But, the actual marriage you must perform yourself.  Next would come the ceremony.  Sometimes there will be a ceremony before in order to facilitate the marriage.  You may bring in priests and members of you community so that they may set up a marital bed.  Drumming and offerings may also be given.  Then you go into your space and consummate the marriage to make it real.  There’s no marriage before that.  When you come out there is more dancing, drumming, and feasting.  Those are the things that can be bought and sold.  But to pay for an initiation or a marriage with an energy of never making a real and true connection to is like paying to rape someone.  It may sound extreme but, that is what is happening.

If you see someone that you really like and you’ve never made any true connection with them, or there’s no agreement between the two of you, but you go to someone and offer money to have that person live inside of you is an act of rape.  This happens all to often with individuals that have no innerstanding of what it means to truly be initiated.