Osoosi is the tracker and master astral traveler.

Osoosi is the tracker who has the keen ability of astral travel.  This allows us to see the solution that lives within the unseen.  One of the tragedies that occurs with Osoosi is when his name is misspelled.  You will find many spellings, but in Yoruba the pronunciation of certain words are different.  For instance, orisha is actually spelled orisa.  The “s” makes a “sh” sound.  In some cultures you will see this “s” replaced with a “ch” or an “x”.  This is because in the languages of those cultures the “sh” sound is not pronounced or spelled out in the same way we may spell it in English.  So, in Spanish you’ll find that most of the time the “s” or the “sh” are turned into “ch”.  So, the correct spelling is O-s-o-o-s-i.  The significance of that spelling goes back to astral traveling.  “Oso”, the first part of the name, implies magic or sorcery.  “Osi” , the second part of the name, is the left quadrant of the Opon Ifa which represents the feminine or hidden.

Osoosi is invoked to scout out the solution for what you want to get done.  This energy can be invoked in the same manner as Ogun. Osoosi is an avatar for astral travel.  He is often pictured with a bow and arrow. The arrow that he carries goes into the air and it hits something and comes down with that something.  That is the same thing you do when you astral travel.  You automatically astral travel when you dream at night.  The goal is to astral travel with a purpose.  Osoosi is a master astral traveler.  There are two other orisa who are master astral travelers.  Osun and Oya, are also master astral travelers.

Osoosi not only astral travels, but he scouts out the direction in which you need to go.  You can have the brute force of Ogun.  You can have the creativity and courage of Sango.  You can even have a way or opportunity opened up for you by Esu, but in which direction do you send that force, courage, creativity, and opportunity?  This is where Osoosi comes in.  You invoke this energy for that purpose.  Some of the items you want to have with you are turquoise, quartz, and copper.  They are sacred to Osoosi.