Shango is an ever evolving energy.  It is an energy that lives in the North.  It is the energy that represents intellectualism as well as evolution.  It’s constantly moving and growing.  Shango possesses the red of the root chakra and the transformed violet to white of the crown chakra.  The crown chakra is a violet chakra, but when fully activated it turns white.

Shango is a combination of red and white.  It has a foot in or hand in earthly affairs, rulership of earthly affairs, but also that driving propulsion to self actualization and self realization.

Shango is the deity of circumspection that sees the greater picture.  That is why we liken Shango to the King or rulership.  When we speak about the HRU energy, which is aligned with the Shango energy, one of HRU’s eyes is the sun and the other is the moon. That can also represent the left and right brain hemispheres, or the masculine and the feminine. HRU is the perfect combination of the two of those.

One of the symbols or modern day representations of the Shango energy would be the zodiac of Aquarius.  Shango as an Aquarius deals with the welfare and the ascendancy of the group.  Aquarius sits in the seat of knowledge and the seat of knowing.  We can also say wisdom because Shango has the white color of Obatala, who in some stories is considered to be the Mother and Father of Shango.

Returning to the Kemetic symbolism we have Ptah, the original symbol of Aquarius.  Ptah is the water bearer.  When we see Ptah, it also manifests as Peter, Petra, or even Jupiter.  Ptah was the archetype or deity of the builder.  Just as  Peter, in Christian mythology, was the stone that Christ said he would build his church upon.  Coincidentally, Christ is also a Shango deity, being the King of Kings and Lord or Lords.