Yemoja is the great orisha mother who works through the second chakra, the sacral chakra.  She represents the qualities of regenerative healing and instant curing.  Having the internal ability to heal a cut on your hand, or bringing forth physical realities from the unseen world, falls into her realm.

Yemoja’s physical attribute on planet would be saltwater.  Most people consider to be the orisha of the ocean, which is not totally correct.  She is the orisha of saltwater rivers.  Saltwater rivers also deals with the saltwater within your body.  More specifically in dealing with this Mother energy, she rules over the amniotic fluid.

When we break the name Yemoja down, we have “Ye/Yeye”, which means mother, and “Moja” which means fishes in Yoruba.  Interestingly enough in Bantu “moja” means one.  So, Yemoja is the Mother of one.  One is represented as the All, because everything is one.

Yemoja represents the interconnectedness of all things because all things come through her passageways.  She is the one who brings things from the unseen to the seen.  This is the power that all women have.  They have the power to bring the unseen reality into the seen reality whether it be in the form of a child, idea, or the shaping of a reality.

One way to explore the great mother concept is sexual alchemy.  Knowing that Yemoja works out of the sacral chakra, which is the genital area.  We also know that sexual alchemy or sex magic are the things that you  can use to invoke this energy.  This is a very powerful and simplistic form of magic.  Simply focusing on the color blue and the number seven while having sex and focusing your attention on a particular desired reality, invokes Yemoja.  It will cause whatever you want to happen.

Saltwater rivers are created by freshwater running over earth or rocks.  That creates a saline solution.  Saltwater is denser than freshwater.  It  has a greater resistance in its travel.  For example, if  you are running electricity  down a larger wire, it has less resistance than a smaller wire.  Resistance is the about of opposition that a medium gives in order to get things from one place to another.  Salt is the most readily available non-metallic mineral in the world.

You are also dealing with the moon when dealing with Yemoja.  An easy way to invoke this energy is to visualize a full moon.  By working with the moon phases and saltwater you can scry, meditate, or chant over it.


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