“ORI”- Head
“Sa” – Selected

Orisa is a selected conscious within the realm of the supreme intelligence; an expression of a cosmic archetype.

The direction and the intent that you charge the spirit and the orisha with is what adds the humanistic qualities to the expression of the ASE or power that manifests.

The orisha are not as concerned with  human affairs as our egoic selves would like to imagine.  There’s no hate, love, or morality on the levels that we understand morality, as far as what’s right and wrong because morality is a very subjective concept.  Most of that comes from our religious perspective, not our spiritual learning and perspectives.

The orisha maintain the natural functions of the planet and beyond.  But those natural and external processes are only but a phantom reflection of what is occurring in your own Innerverse of your own body, mind, and spirit.  When you invoke orisha, you invoke them internally and externally.  There is nothing that happens on the outside of your body that doesn’t occur on the inside, and vice versa.  That is the way that you must approach the learning of any esoteric, metaphysic, occult, or traditional African spiritual systems.  You must study them from internal to external.  That is the only way you will have integrated experiences.  If you keep everything on the outside of your psyche, soul, or Innerverse, you are just regurgitating someone else’s experiences and information which may not be spiritually correct or accurate.

When dealing with the orisha you have different spirits of elements. Not only the orisha, but Nkisis, Loa, Neteru, and angelic energies are all spirits of elements.  We have spirits of the sea like Olokun and Madre de Agua.  We have spirits of the forest like Ogun and Zarabanda.  We have the spirits of the wind like Oya, Centella Ndoki, and  Erzulie Dantor.  Energies of wisdom would be Obatala, Damballah, and energies of opportunity like Esu Elegba, and so forth.  These are spirits that we can acknowledge that are external, but they are also internal.  These earthly energies exist inside our own internal temples, and they are coordinated internally to the rhythm that we command.