Orisha Colors

have different frequencies and even give off their own sounds.
Reality is created via sound so colors can create reality.

A potential color medium takes all colors but, decides to reflect one shade.
Our color perception is based around what we are able to receive. What we are able to receive is what will be reflected
What you reflect is your color. What you hold to yourself is not your color.

This segment dips into the pool of “nerdom” but, also is relatable to anyone trying to take their understandings of Orishas and their corresponding colors to the next level.

Take Away:
Synesthesia is a condition characterized by the ability to perceive one sensory stimulant with another, involuntarily.

Commonly accepted colors of the Zodiac
Aquarius – Violet
Virgo – Purple
Pices – Scarlett
Aries – Magenta
Taurus – Red
Gemini – Blue
Libra – Indigo
Cancer – Lemon Yellow
Scorpio – Orange
Leo – Green
Sagittarius – yellow
Capricorn – White
440hz x 40 times – is 483 tetra hertz – Reddish Orange

Commonly held Orisha Colors:
Oshun Colors – Gold and Blue
Oya Colors – Deep Blue
Ogun Colors – Red and Black
Shango Colors – Red and White
Eshu Colors – Red and Black

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