Grasping the Root of Divine Power: A spiritual healer’s…

Grasping the Root of Divine Power: A spiritual healer’s…


Publisher’s Comments: For those who long to develop a healthy bond with the celestial forces that span the cosmos, governing all realities, this manuscript is for you.
Contained within you’ll find the tools and theory which will equip you in establishing your own shrine, communicating with your protector spirits, purification rituals, and effective methods of divination. If you feel the season is upon you to take ownership of your spiritual power and become acquainted with the beings that rule all of nature; venture boldly into the world of your Afrakan ancestors.
This is a down to earth no-nonsense guide to true Afrakan spiritual growth. Properly applied, this book will indisputably become one of the greatest weapons in your revolutionary spiritual arsenal.

Author Bio:
HRU Assaan is a cultural educator, empowerment lecturer, and initiated priest in the Yoruba Ogun tradition.
He’s owned and operated an African centered Rite of Passage organization since 2003 and has served as a professional developer for public schools, universities, and social institutions throughout the east coast training school administrators, social workers, and educators on the finer points of curriculum development and responsible cultural inclusion.
HRU currently facilitates workshops centered on community building, Rites of Passage, African-centered curriculum implementation, and child rearing.HRU also, currently, serves as a spiritual advisor and natural healer.

Book Excerpt:
” Our Ancestors…the shoulders on which we stand.
Your Ancestors are always whispering wisdom in your ear; always calling you to advance the objectives of your bloodline.
It should be noted that regardless of what tradition you observe or have an affinity for; as an Afrakan there are certain fundamental concepts you must know when honoring those that have transcended to the next stage.
Your Ancestors are the empathic link between the corporeal realm and the spirit world as they have the compassion to have full innerstanding of what it is you are feeling and the emotions you are conveying when you commune with spirit for they have felt it and lived it themselves. Eternal spirit deities do not possess the same level of sensory access as those living in the physical realm or who have lived in the physical realm.
Being “dead” is not sufficient requisite for being a revered Egun/Lidlotis/Nananom Nsamanfo. The things you do during your physical existence will affect your standing once you transition. I do not subscribe to the notion that all beings who have transcended this life are worthy of honor or can serve as appropriate consulting sources for the purposes of divination.
Life is an upwards spiral….not a circle of redundancy. What this means is there’s always opportunity for ascension, development, and growth; regardless of the plain of existence one resides.
For example, it would be foolish to imagine that one who lived a durational, unenlightened, anti-Afrakan existence while here in Aye (earth) would immediately be completely aware of the mysteries of existence because they experience the transformation of physical death. In kind, it would be equally foolish to imagine that someone of this sort would have the same wisdom to impart from the Ancestral realm as someone who manifested a life of enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, and innerstanding and served as Jegna to their respective come-unity while on Aye.”

Table of Contents:

Preface–* 7
Adimu–* 9
The One–* 11
Man and Wombmyn–* 17
Light and Lesser Light–* 21
Iwa Pele–* 29
Ase–* 33
What is Divination?–* 37
Who are we speaking to?–* 41
ORI–* 43
Egun/Lidlotis/Nananom Nsamanfo–* 46
Establishing your Gateway–* 53
Initiating the dialogue–* 65
OBI–* 77
Many faces of the OBI–* 81
Kola nut–* 85
Opening the world of the OBI Abata–* 86
“ANU OBI”–* 89
Medicinal uses for the OBI/Coconut:–* 90
5 the Hard Way–* 95
The Casting Surface–* 107
And the whole 9!–* 119
Orisa–* 135
The 7 Afrakan Powers–* 143
So Fresh and So Clean clean!–* 173
Conclusion–* 181
Glossary–* 185


“Grasping the Root of Divine Power” clarifies the fundamental concepts used in any occult system. The work pulls mainly from West African tradition but, is brought up to date using modern examples and guides for immediate application. The rarely taught nine position OBI divination system is shared and author HRU Assaan-ANU provides an approach of implementing this ancient oracle that will intrigue the novice and advanced student of divination. “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” covers the major Orisha in the West African tradition but, also shows their modern day and cross-geographical/cultural counterparts. After reading this work you’ll be able to look at avant-garde figures of notoriety, as well, as your intimate ones and immediately decipher what Orisha or cosmic archetype they spawn from. This only scratches the surface of what is imparted in this potent work.