Why do we need Spiritual Readings?

At certain times of our lives we need to counsel with entities that have higher insight than that of our own. If we’re feeling something is not right with our physical disposition or health, we usually will see our a health practitioner who can see and understand things about our anatomy that we may not be able to see ourselves or may be unaware of. If we’re experience a set of thoughts and ideas that bring confusion into our thinking process and daily function, we can speak with a counselor who can provide deeper insight into the workings of the mind. Now the spirit and it’s movements come before both of these functions of our body and personality. The spirit if the a precursor to mental, emotional, and physical activity. So, when we’re going through situations or we seek to improve our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual situations it’s best o seek our the advise of a spiritual counselor, or spiritual reader.

Orisha Reading

When we’re consulting the Orisha we usually have several objectives in mind. One of which may be to find out which patron Orisha you birth from. In many traditions this is referred to as your crowning Orisha or your “parent” Orisha. In our school we teach that the only entity that owns your head is your own ORI. However, there are energies that we are born from spiritually ad physically. I like to refer to them as families. So, some individuals are born from the family of Ogun, some Oshun, others Orunmila, and so on. By finding out the family that you emerge from you can gather keen insight into your life story, as well as your heavenly gifted gits and endowments. You’ll also know which natural and celestial energies will respond most effectively and swiftly to your call based on your relationship with them. Sometimes in our lives we feel a tugging or an urging in a certain direction. Most often, this is our patron Orisha calling us to the throne of their power. So suffice it to say, its important to receive this type of reading for anyone looking to embark on a journey of knowing and working with the Orisha.

How do I obtain a spiritual reading?

Spiritual consultations are done over the phone and in person.

You must book a reading through our client calender here.

Once your shrine donation is received your appointment is confirmed. Please read through the instructions on the link provided to receive more information about Spiritual Readings with us.