Spiritual Warfare

In this session we will be discussing the topic of spiritual warfare. In reality this is somewhat of a redundant statement because all warfare is spiritual. Regardless of the cause or consequence of the engagement the seed and the outcome express a spiritual position. Warfare marks change and transitions in the spiritual world. If the call for war is a by-product of a splintered spirit , whether it be a national or individual spirit, it still speaks of a disconnect from the oneness of the higher omnipresent source energy.
Sometimes this pulling away from the consciousness of harmony is necessary for advancement. The separation of creator and created is what moves evolution forward. Negative and positive…to be within and then without. This is the push-pull that allows for everyone to move forward. For example to be the next step in evolution for a family, a child must be released from its mother’s womb. This is a segregation, that even occurs after the child fights its way out of the womb space.
So when we see warfare throughout the planet it is best not to pass sentence, immediately, the atrocities of war but to first see the unseen battle that is occurring. The same holds true for our current day gladiator spots such as football, boxing, wrestling, etc…
Now let’s bring this idea of spiritual warfare to the level of the individual. When we engage in psychic self defense, what/who are we actually engaging and why?
As we see in the area of sports, politics, and commercial warfare there is a physical engagement that follows an emotional and mental decision. Most importantly, what we see in the example is there is a direct engagement with those who might be affected by the confrontation. In fact those who receive the most criticisms are the individuals who are behind the scenes sending orders because of the fact they’ve not sullied their hands enough to put their own physical might behind their own decisions. How cowardly do some see the individuals who go to war with financial ambition and send thousands of people off as sacrificial lambs?

Is this what some do when they engage in spiritual warfare, as well?

Are energies sent to do something that we would, not boldly put our own hand to? For many the answer for this question is a resounding “Yes”. All too often a person decides to evoke certain spiritual energies to do their dirty work without, first, invoking a spirit of wisdom internally first. Once that is done the underlying meaning of the confrontation becomes clear. This knowing will not only then dictate apropos agenda but, proper spiritual invocation. Too often people send Ogun, Shango, or Oya at the first sign of trouble without first determining if they are the problem.
If you send any of these warrior energies to clear an obstacle or antagonist from your path, they could also indiscriminately clear the part of yourself that is causing the issue from your own path. Painful!
In this session we will uncover the truth of spiritual warfare and methods to defend properly yourself psychically, psychologically, legally, spiritually, and physically.

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