The Orisha – From Internal to External

This article is a follow-up to my initial article, “The Orisha” article and an extended contribution to the Orisha chapter in “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”. When you try to assimilate all of your new spiritual breakthroughs into the current perceptual framework that you’ve already adopted; far too often the potentiality of what that “new” information could manifest for you is limited by those current perceptual margins. Even integrated observations dealing with morality and quote, “good and evil” will create a fear mechanism within in you which will prevent and block you from fully realizing the value of the information placed before you.

You’ll never get to a place of true understanding when dealing with these entities if you’re constantly trying to quantify and figure them out using the lowest part of you which is your flesh brain. The ANU spiritual order teaches the key is to approach these traditions, Orisha traditions, with an open spirit and a controlled mind. In other words you have to learn to remove your human thought and approach with the highest part of you which is your awareness or your spirit.

1st let’s start here. The Orisha are primal energies, they’re not children, and they’re not humanistic brats who throw temper tantrums if you feed them the “wrong” foods or place them in a corner of your home that you think they don’t like. The Orisha don’t like or dislike anything. They are an indifferent energy. The direction and intent that you charge them with is what adds the humanistic qualities to the expression of the Ase or Power. The Orisha are not as concerned with human affairs as our egoic selves would like to imagine that they are. In order to petition the assistance of an Orisha one must invoke them internally and externally. In the podcast series “Unleashing your Inner Orisa” this concept and methodology is taught.

The Orisha maintain the natural functions of the planet and beyond but, those external natural processes are only but a phantom reflection of what is occurring in your own innerverse of internal body/mind/spirit. There is nothing that happens on the outside of your body that doesn’t occur on the inside. That is the way that you must approach the learning of any esoteric, occult, metaphysical, of traditional African religion in your study. Study from internal to external.

As we have spirits of The sea…Olokun or Madre De Agua or Yemoja The forest….Ogun or Ogou or Zarabanda or Orisha Oko or Osoosi Wind….Oya or Centalla Ndoki or Erzulie Danto Fresh water…Osun or Erzulie Freda or Lakshmi or Het-HRU Wisdom….Obatala or Damballah or Tehuti or Orunmila Opportunity….Esu or Elegba or Hermes or Mercury

These earthly materializations also exist inside our own internal temples and are coordinated internally to the rhythm that we command. Through our pineal organ.

What that means is Orisha are not here to lord over you, you are, in fact, charged with the responsibility of regulating their presence on earth and “heaven”.

As above so below. As within, so without, as internal so external. If you are in command of the rivers of blood within your body, the wind or air that enters and exists your body, and the fire that you internal hold in your body, then you are also in command of those energies outside your body although metaphysic tells us that all things are connected so, therefore there can never truly be an inner and outer realm as all things are one but, let’s focus on the Orisha energies for now.

Once western religious beliefs get a hold of an individual far too often the western master- slave notion becomes the underlying relationship in all things; even the idea of everything and everyone being naturally at odds. Reflecting this mindset spirits become eternal foes, as highlighted in the book “Suicidal Family”; family relationships give rise to battle ready adversaries and even different spiritual systems can be sent, literally, to go to war against one another. This is a new age model of confrontation diametrically opposes the traditional reasons for going to battle; which was to come to one understanding. One idea, in the west, we’ve become adjusted all too well to the idea of incessant warfare just for the sake of being at war.

To truly comprehend the Orisha energy it’s important to know that they are spiritual gifts and spiritual powers that exist in harmony inside of you and are here to assist your journey. You are not their master and they are not your salve or vice-versa. The Orisha are your supporters to complete spiritual awareness and elevated consciousness on this earthly plain. This is key in owning this new 2012 spiritual awareness and consciousness while we prepare for this 2012 spiritual shift. Now, if you want them to lord over you and you desire to be subordinate, then that’s your prerogative. As in “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”I will share with you how I work with these celestial energies and how they work with me…… Stay tuned…