The Orisha – Transformation and Evolution

As we further explore the thought forms of “The Orisha” as describe in previous articles, it’s important to acquaint ourselves with the actual trans-formative nature of these cosmic forces. Note: ALL things have the potential to transform.

The Orisha OYA, in particular, governs universal transformation. We most often know her as the clean sweeping storm and hurricane that has the ability to completely reshape landscape, social standing, one’s stability, and power structures in one motion. This Orisha deals with transformation and the supplanting of power. As a wind storm has the ability to move objects from one place to another as does OYA possess the same ability physically but, also spiritually.

A newer representation of OYA would be the comic character “Storm”. Interesting enough when you study this particular character, you’ll find that Storm was also worshiped as a deity and it’s implied that she’s not a mutant but, a Goddess. A mutation is not synonymous with a transformation.

Due to misguided religious indoctrination many are still envisioning the Orisha as they were first created eons ago. In the book “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” I highlight various notable individuals and how they , in a manner, represent incarnations of the various Orisha forces. For example : Muhammad Ali embodying the Orisha Shango, Bob Marley embodying the Orisha Oshun, Dr. Martin Luther King embodying the Orisha Esu, and so on and so on…

By observing these particular individuals, be they movie/comic characters or actual “real life” humans one can learn about the newer representations of the various Orisha energies. To envision cosmic forces wearing flowing robes and levitating in a field of clouds and sun rays is ethereally beauteous but, more than likely a byproduct of religious programming crystallizing a person in an ancient perception.

As I teach students in the ANU spiritual order, humanity has been undergoing a slow corruption since the moment the first spirits fell from light into the darkness of a fleshly cage. If MAN (Man, Wombmyn, Child) is the steward and authority over the Orisha then it stands to reason that as MAN (Man, Wombmyn, Child)has corrupted so has the Orisha. It would also stand to reason that as MAN (Man, Wombmyn, Child) redeems him/herself through the process of DNA transformation and evolution the Orisha are experience the same re-ascension and return to the higher realms of being.

The Orisha evolve and transform in order to continue being fed and strengthened. We see many examples of this just by looking at the seven African powers. With this particular set of Orisha we there are various emanations of the individual energies that they represent. In order to understand how they emit from a cosmic source one should invest in learning about their purposed creation in ancient West Africa. For instance, the concept of the Orisha Esu is opportunity and more significantly segregation. So the cosmic force Esu exhales from is the the segregative energy of the universe and beyond. To comprehend the transformed representations , meditate on individuals and concepts that represent this notion of segregation. Esu becomes Elegba, Jesus, Hermes, Mercury, Sebek, Heimdall, Baron Samedi, Flava Flav, Dr. Martin Luther King, Tehuti, and many others in order to maintain the presence of cosmic segregation and the way of the gatekeeper. In much the same way to better understand Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, or El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazzz (Malcolm X) once should study the most honorable Elijah Muhammad. He cites Master Farad Muhammad as his source. So, to understand a concept one should reference the source but, also see the various angles that the source may project. Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

These emanations come in all shapes and sizes. The Orisha do not function with the same moral construct as flesh beings who’ve received religious indoctrination outlining a morality that serves political and social agenda. The Orisha are thought forms that serve to enhance our spiritual gifts and evolve our spirituality but, they are without will. They need our will to direct their particular shades of consciousnesses. As I’ve mentioned in the podcast series “Unleashing your Inner Orisa” the Orisha are directed by the power or ASE of our own ORI. Our ORI holds the power of our will. Through this will we are able to direct any force in the cosmos to bend as needed or wanted.

The Hatian Voudon tradition typifies this movement to update and refresh older deities . In this the energies are revived and given new world relevancy and accessibility. So now ask yourself how have these energies transformed and where and how are they to be invoked and utilized. Stay tuned…